BMW Dealers  Oppose Web Sales Strategy image

BMW’s German dealers do not agree with the automaker’s plans to include all its models in the Web-based sales.

BMW’s German dealer head Werner Entenmann told WirtschaftsWoche: “We told BMW in no uncertain terms that we cannot accept direct sales channels.”

BMW is trying to boost sales and revenue in Germany by turning to Web sales and house calls by sales personnel. Krueger tried to calm dealerships by telling them they that they will still be the ‘backbone ’ of the German automaker’s sales.

“We can well imagine that Internet sales could be expanded to all models,” the head of the group’s German sales, Roland Krueger, told WirtschaftsWoche magazine.

BMW will unveil on July 29th its i3 electric vehicle, via the Internet, according to the weekly Wirtschaftswoche. BMW’s “Mobile Sales Force” program will also visit customers at home, according to the magazine. The automaker is confident that the i3 will attract the existing BMW customers as well as people who really care about environmental sustainability and can afford such a car.

Earlier this month BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer said that the automaker does not expect the auto market in western Europe to revive before the middle of 2014. Reithofer said he expected the auto market in Western Europe to drop 5% this year and in May, BMW announced it sees group’s sales up in 2014, after reporting a drop of 4.1% in the first quarter revenue to 17.6 billion euro.

Source: Autonews