Bmw delays X1 launch in U.S. because high demand in Europe image

World’s largest premium automaker, BMW Ag announced that it’s latest suv – the new X1 will not come in U.S. soon (until 2012) because of hot demand in Europe.

“We are supply constrained,” said Jim O’Donnell, CEO of BMW of North America. “As long as they keep selling them, I do not know when we are going to get it.”

Apparently, the decision to delay the X1 crossover in the United States was made late last year.
From its launch in October 2009 through last July, BMW has sold more than 64,000 X1s in Europe alone.

“It surprised everybody,” said Ian Robertson, BMW board member for global sales and marketing. “It hit a sweet spot, and, given all the other things, it arrived at the right time. It sold out in every single market.”

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Anyway, O’Donnell said the delay does “not worry me at all” because BMW is currently launching its higher-volume, redesigned X3 crossover in the United States.

The good news is that at the end of the year, Bmw may bring a diesel engine on the X3. We are talking about America here, course. An X3 that gets 50+ mpg would be a key differentiator since the current diesel SUVs that are sold in the U.S. barely get half that.

Source: Autonews [sub req]