BMW Denied Reports About Slovakia Plant image

BMW declared on Wednesday, April 2nd, that it has no plans to build assembly facility in Slovakia.

Printed media in Slovakia reported on Wednesday, April 2nd, that BMW plans to build an assembly plant in eastern Slovakia, which will produce electric cars and offer 30,000 new jobs and that the company is asking the Slovak government for a 500-million euro investment subsidy. The newspaper also said that the company is choosing between the eastern part of Slovakia and Mexico as the location for the factory. But Mathias Schmidt, the BMW spokesman, declared that the newspaper reports are not true.

In February 2012, BMW also denied Dutch media reports that it planned to take over Mitsubishi’s NedCar factory in the Netherlands, where it was planning to build cars for its rapidly expanding Mini brand. Mitsubishi is ending production at NedCar, which builds the Colt subcompact and the Outlander SUV, at the end of 2012.