BMW DesignworksUSA and Thermaltake Create Level 10 M Mouse image

BMW DesignworksUSA and Thermaltake designed a new mouse for the gaming enthusiasts called Level 10 Mouse.

Why is this mouse different from the others? Well, the first reason would be that it is created by an automaker. The second reason would be its futuristic design that makes it look like a robot part. The mouse was created for pro gamers and it costs $99.

BMW Designworks USA works with many other companies, having only one goal in mind: to create futuristic, innovative and customer oriented designs. This is the first time BMW Designworks makes an alliance with Themaltake, which is also considered a leader in pro gaming computer chassis. Their Level 10 high end gaming tower concept received a lot of attention and praise form the IT and pro gaming enthusiasts.

Level 10 M Mouse, which gives the Level 10 gaming experience a new perspective, is only the first of the futuristic and state-of-the-art products the two companies plan to develop in the near future. From now on users of Level 10 will have more comfortable and attractive products to work with. The Level 10 M Mouse has two regular keys on top, five other on the side and a Z key offering players the possibility to switch between up to 5 gaming profiles.