BMW develops household energy storage unit powered by i3 batteries image

Going on the sustainability path, the German premium maker has presented a home energy storage system project that uses batteries from the electric BMW i3.

BMW is following into Tesla’s footsteps by urging its customers to focus more on sustainability. Therefore, during the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition 29 event in Montréal, Canada, the automaker presented its first stationary energy storage system for residential and commercial applications that uses BMW i3 high-voltage batteries. Furthermore, the device can be expanded to incorporate 2nd life batteries as they become available on the market. BMW said that, with this system, which can be integrated into charging stations and solar panels, customers can offset peak energy costs and also enjoy the added security of an available backup energy supply during power outages.

“With a battery storage system electrified by BMW i our customers can take the next step towards a sustainable energy lifestyle. Coupled with the home charging and solar energy programs, the system enables BMW drivers to embrace holistic sustainability beyond e-mobility,” stated Rob Healey, Manager of EV Infrastructure for BMW North America.

Utilizing real-time energy readings, the unit is capable of measuring the available energy supply and demand, making the necessary calculations to determine the optimal time to charge or discharge the system, thus minimizing energy waste. According to the automaker, as the typical daily household energy usage in the United States is between 15-30 kWh1, the battery storage system can power up a house for up to 24 hours on its own.