BMW E92 M3 gets the treatment it deserves – becomes a pickup image

Back in 2011 the German automaker itself turned up with an E92 M3 pickup – which was dubbed as the fastest targa pickup in the world, if it weren’t an April Fool’s joke – but this time around you can theoretically buy this new iteration.

According to the story, Mad Dog Racing from South Africa decided to turn a seemingly normal car into a pickup. That idea has a tendency to make any vehicle pretty interesting – just look at the El Camino – but from the get go the modded vehicle was anything but dull. That’s because we’re talking about an E92 M3 – which has been turned into the German pickup no one knew was needed. This is of course a work of passion, considering the amount of research and development involved in the actual build and Mad Dog Racing in South Africa also claims it to be the only supercharged M3 pickup in the world.

According to the tuner, the product shouldn’t be treated as a concept. Instead they claim the vehicle can still be driven regularly on the road – they paid special attention to keeping up the rigidity level even after most of the car’s roof was taken away. Those utterly thick B-Pillars might hold the key to the aftermarket specialist’ claims. Unfortunately the trunk lid – cut to allow the creation of a full bed – has the same operation process as on the regular coupe. Unfortunately, while the pictures showcase a professional work, Mad Dog hasn’t provided any technical details for us petrolheads to marvel at.