BMW ends production of M6 and V10 engine image

BMW said Tuesday it has ended production of the BMW M6 coupe and convertible but gave no clue as to what — if any — replacement there will be for the two high-performance models. The German automaker also killed off the M6’s 507-horsepower V10 engine, apparently in an effort to refocus on more fuel-efficient eight-cylinder power plants.

BMW gave no real explanation for the demise of the M6 and the V10 in its statement about the end of production.

“With the departure of these two fascinating and exceptional athletes and the already-discontinued fourth-generation BMW M5, production will now also cease for the unique V10 high-rev engine,” BMW said in a statement.

The German automaker noted that 14,152 examples of the M6 models were built in total. It sold 9,087 units of the coupe, which launched in 2005, and 5,065 convertible models, which launched in 2006.

The BMW M6 models return 11 mpg in city driving and 17 mpg on the highway, according to the EPA.

The 2010 M6 coupe starts at $103,225, including an $875 destination charge. The 2010 M6 convertible starts at $109,025, including shipping.