BMW envisions Mini with up to 10 versions image

Future Mini models will depart from the current strategy and will be underpinned by parent BMW’s new UKL (an acronym for the German words Unter Klasse) front-wheel-drive architecture, shared with entry-level BMW models.

The British Mini brand is about to enter a new era – if you though now they have a crowded line-up, what do you say to the promise to go in the near future up to ten variants, ushered in by Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW’s board member in charge of Mini?

For the moment, though, he refrained from disclosing whether all seven current Mini derivatives would be replaced by the eight to ten variants plan – as he only said several options are now discussed.

As more variants mean also more production capacity, he disclosed that the third-generation Mini hatch is an option for moving its production at the former Mitsubishi plant in the Netherlands, now owned by Dutch contract manufacturer VDL. They also want to use that facility as basical additional capacity for when they meet capacity restrictions at the main Mini plant in Oxford, England.

Schwarzenbauer also said the VDL manufacturing facility, which adds further capacity to the one offered by Magna Steyr, would become a full-service production plant with complete production capacity, together with press shop, body-in-white, paint shop and assembly.

Via Automotive news Europe