BMW expects solid sales increase in 2nd half of 2012, Europe sales remain flat image

As BMW expects, the company could receive solid gains in the second half of 2012 even though the European demand was not that impressive.

BMW gained 5 percent of sales increase in July and 7.6 percent of sales rise over seven months. The sales of all the brands under BMW Group including Rolls-Royce and Mini BMW have increased by 135,537 in July 2012. This gain was possible due to the strong demand received from China. Sales and Marketing Chief of BMW Ian Robertson said that the company expected the sales to increase throughout second half of 2012 after this month’s launch of facelifted 7-series sedan and X1small SUV.

BMW Group sales in the U.S. have also increased by 4 percent (27,152 in July) and 9.5 percent (185,715 in first seven months of 2012). As far as the sales only in China are concerned, the company has successfully gained 22.5 percent of rise to 23,092 for July and 29.6 percent to 182,048 since January 2012 till July.

Seven months’ sales in Europe remained flat at 497,932 where the group experienced a drop of 2.4 percent in July to 60,855. Also the group has experienced a drop of sales in its homeland Germany by 17.9 percent to 19,041 in July and 3 percent in first seven months to 167,900.