BMW extends engine recall to almost half a million cars image

While last week the German automaker only said it would call back around 156, 000 cars in the US, the tally has now gone up by another 232, 000 units.

The almost half a million recall will become a global one, after it started in China and was extended to the US. Now, according to the company – which is the world’s leader in the luxury segment – the recall was extended on the same defective engine-control component.

A BMW spokesperson identified the cars belonging to the recall as the ones produced between September 2009 and November 2011 – while only certain six cylinder engined models are affected.

According to the company, in the affected models in rare cases one of the engine’s four bolts that hold the variable camshaft timing system’s cover could break, leading to the failure of the others as well – which in time leads to engine leaking from the unit, causing the engine’s timing system to become sluggish – if the problem is not eventually discovered, complete engine failure could occur.

While no accidents in relation to the defect have been so far reported, BMW said the safest course of action is for the clients notified they have the affected model to immediately go to the service – where the problem would be resolved in a few hours.