The German automaker, the world’s largest premium carmaker, has been ruling over the segment for several years, but every month competition with Audi and Mercedes-Benz is intensifying.

That means over the year, while the BMW managed to edge ahead of its rivals, the sales gap between the three luxury “athletes” has shrunk – even as the Munich-based automaker managed to break many of its previous sales records.

Now, according to an interview with Friedrich Eichiner, the maker’s finance chief, the company expects to come up with a positive result next year again, as new model introductions would move to buoy consumer demand and lift sales.

“Of course we expect further growth in 2015 as we will see the full effect from new models coming to the market on production and sales as early as next year,” Friedrich Eichiner was quoted as saying by Boersen Zeitung. “We will also introduce more new models next year. At the moment it is difficult say how that will impact our growth.”

While the carmaker is the largest in terms of sales in the premium segment, BMW remains a rather small global automaker, which prompted numerous reports of alliance or merger negotiations. The financial chief also moved to again dismiss such moves, citing the company’s clear position and large model lineup.

Via Reuters


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