Here’s something you won’t see too often – a concept, which was created quite a few years ago – has been rekindled and it inspired… a shoe. Yes, complete with BMW’s space-age look via silver fabric stretched over framework of moving wires.

BMW Designworks must have had a retro-inspired flashback when they heard that Independence Day Resurgence is hitting the theaters two decades after the original introduced the concept of summer alien blockbuster. They actually didn’t go back in time as much – so they might be more successful – and revisited the year of our Lord 2008 when the German automaker dazed and amazed the entire world with the futuristic fabric-covered GINA Light Visionary Model. Now as it turns out, the roadster’s sci-fi can be apparently worn on our feet. Puma’s new X-Cat Disc comes courtesy of a joint development with the German automaker’s design unit – with the silver shoes actually offered on sale in select stores worldwide on July 1. “The approach was to look at every aspect of making a shoe and to try and reimagine it. Freeing yourself of what is here now can be an enjoyable and rewarding exercise,” comments Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design.

BMW Gina Light Concept revisited with Puma-inspired shoe 4

Designworks has decided to go for the same approach as the one used in designing a car. Puma’s Disc tech is cleverly akin to a space frame chassis as the classic laces have been replaced with a rotating knob to tighten or loosen internal wires. Just like in the shape-shifting Gina, the shoe’s framework has been covered with a single piece of stretchable fabric. The sole is another nod towards the automotive inspiration – as it has been treated as the engine of the foot. As such, the section now looks like interconnecting gears.


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