BMW Group DesignworksUSA has designed a luxury private jet. image

The first project for BMW Group DesignworksUSA Singapore Studio in Asian luxury experience took off this month in the form of design for BJETS, a luxury private jet service and the region’s first dedicated personal aviation provider.

The partnership with BJETS leveraged on the consultancy’s insights in Asian premium lifestyle combined with the luxury aviation design expertise of its Californian team, to develop the design solution tailored for the exclusive target client group.

Seeing the growing demand for flexible and luxury private aviation, BJETS, based in Singapore and Mumbai, was formed to bring private jet travel within easy reach to the rising number of high net worth individuals in India and Southeast Asia. The Company approached BMW Group DesignworksUSA’s Singapore studio in July 2007 and engaged them to create a color, material and finish program for the interior cabin focused on comfort, discretion and practicality as well as an exterior graphic program reflecting BJETS key proposition to “Own the way you fly with the freedom to travel wherever, whenever you want”.
Mr. Mark Baier, CEO, BJETS, said, “DesignworksUSA’s global locations were ideal for the seamless project management of the project. Their Singapore Studio managed the overall design program working alongside the BJETS team in Asia, while their California Studio executed the implementation process, working closely with aircraft finishing centres located in the US.
Headquartered in California, BMW Group DesignworksUSA established its Singapore Studio in early 2006 to meet the growing demand for design services in the region.

This studio has become the creative node for international design teams who are interested in serving the region. The creative space, design resources and cultural insights of the Singapore Studio has made it a hotbed for creative ideas to flourish, with the cross-pollination of cultural insights between the East and the West, resulting in a unique design service for the Asian market.