The Bavarian car manufacturer has just announced that it “ran out of alphabet”. Because the company is developing a new model which will be below the 1-Series and the 0.5-Series name is out of discussion, BMW is working on new names for its cars.

According to the German auto maker, the “naming game” will also affect its sub-brands, the Mini and the Rolls Royce. BMW also says that it is hard for the company to come up with new names that have been copyrighted already.

“It is more complicated with Mini and Rolls-Royce. It is harder worldwide because many names have been copyrighted”, explained BMW’s head of Sales and Marketing Department, Ian Robertson.

The days when cars’ names were simple and indicated almost everything about the engines seem to be gone with BMW stepping into a new era. The company’s boss, Ian Robertson, didn’t offer any details about what the future brand’s names will sound like but a marketing campaign headed towards the public can be taken into consideration.


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