BMW Has Tricks to Attract Customers for the i3 EV Lineup image

BMW has prepared several extra services to convince customers to buy its i electric-vehicle lineup.

The i3 city car will hit the market at the end of 2013 and BMW will do its best to make sure the model will appeal customers. The automaker will also offer the fuel-powered version of the model and will install optional at-home fast-charging systems. The vehicle will be fitted with onboard navigation software which will inform the driver where to find the nearest public charging station and i3 owners will have the possibility to borrow a fuel-powered car for longer trips during vacations or weekends.

It’s not sure if these services will be enough to make the model popular amid quite a low demand in the segment. In 2012 Nissan failed to reach its target in Europe of 9,000 Leafs by selling only 5,210 and the US target of 20,000 by selling less than 10,000 units.

“The BMW group is charting new territory,” Harald Krueger, the carmaker’s head of production, said at a separate presentation near Leipzig. “We are confident we will earn money with every BMW i3 we sell from the launch on.”

After the i3 the automaker will also introduce the i8 plug-in hybrid sports at the beginning of 2014, priced above 100,000 euro compared with 40,000 euro for the i3.

Source: Automotive News Europe