BMW Heir Susanne Klatten is the Richest Person in the Auto Industry image

Thanks to BMW’s record sales, BMW heir, Susanne Klatten, got to the top of the wealthiest people in the auto industry list.

According to Forbes, Susanne Klatten, 50, has a wealth of $14.3 billion, with $1.3 billion more from 2012. This means that Klatten is the richest person to have made her money in the auto industry, the 4th richest person in Germany and the 58th richest person in the world. She manages to accumulate this amazing wealth by inheriting a stake in BMW from her father Herbert Quandt, the one who saved the automaker from bankruptcy decades ago.

The remaining Quandt heirs, Susanne, her brother and her mother, each billionaires, own almost half of the German automaker. Klatten, who is a trained economist, also controls chemical manufacturer Altana and owns shares in carbon and graphite producer SGL, wind power outfit Nordex AG and Geohumus.

Last year Klatten purchased stakes in the Dutch biotech company Paques and oil recycling company Avista Oil. In 2009 she managed to win a civil case against an ex-lover, Helg Sgarbi, who tried to blackmail her for millions. He was given six years in prison for fraud and attempted extortion.