BMW, the world’s largest premium automaker,  announced it will make an investment in the British EV charging infrastructure.

It’s been five years since BMW started a partnership with Chargemaster, an important step for the establishment of the BMW i ChargeNow network. BMW i Ventures said the automaker will make a strategic investment in the UK’s leading provider of EV charging infrastructure, Chargemaster. The two companies have also signed a new deal according to which Chargemaster will provide E-mobility services.

“We see Chargemaster playing an important role in preparing the way for E-mobility. This investment and wide ranging cooperation agreement will accelerate our activities as well as boost the synergies with some of our already existing services and investments, such as ParkatmyHouse, where Chargemaster equipment has already been installed,” source Thorsten Mattig, Managing Director BMW i Ventures.

The 5-year agreement between the two parties is aimed at ensuring that the necessary charging infrastructure is all set for the anticipated proliferation of EVs. The next move to be made is to establish the ChargeNow, which is the public charging network for all BMW i Ventures customers in the United Kingdom. The network will offer sites and charging equipment for the BMW i DriveNow sharing service.



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