Future owners of the BMW i3 and i8 models can now enjoy the high tech benefit of an advanced pilot program that will be based on a new 3D augmented reality experience that utilizes Tango, Google’s new and advanced augmented reality technology.

The program will be introduced as a trial in select venues – actually the best selling BMW i dealerships and has been designed to help users visualize better a 3D image that becomes interactive and can be explored in real time. Besides these options, the prospective buyer can also virtually enter the car to explore the cabin in order to see its options and can even virtually open the trunk and doors.

The BMW i Visualizer can even play with gimmicks such as switching on and off the lights, but more importantly offers all the configuration options available for a select model, at mere touches of the screen. With the customer satisfied with the model of its choosing, the data can be saved and shared across social media in addition to sending it to the BMW i sales outlet to order the real vehicle. “Our vehicles are emotional products and to get that emotional feeling, you really need to experience them. In situations where the desired product isn’t available on the spot, this visualisation is the next best thing,” commented Andrea Castronovo, BMW Group vice president of sales strategy and future retail. Once the trial ends, BMW will move to offer the application on Google Play, though it will be reserved only for the Android smartphone devices with Tango support.


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