BMW i3 and i8 prototypes spied testing in hot weather image

The BMW i3 and the BMW i8 prototypes have been recently spied while being tested in the hot weather of Cartagena, Spain, getting ready for their future customers.

The final production version of the BMW i3 is expected to make its way onto the market sometimes next year and in order for that to happen, the German based automaker is currently working hard on the model, which has been recently caught testing in Cartagena, Spain, in hot weather. The BMW i3 is also known as the BMW Megacity and judging by the images posted below, there isn’t enough cargo room up front, even if the electric motor is located on top of the rear wheels and the batteries are on the bottom of the vehicle.

The interior design of the BMW i3 prototype isn’t visible because of the camouflage used but we can still see a small screen which will probably be used to access various electronic features of the vehicle. Along with the BMW i3, the prototype version of the BMW i8 has also been caught on camera and this is one of the most expected BMW vehicles ever thanks to the technology offered with it. The BMW i8, which was designed as a plug-in hybrid, is expected to go on sale in 2014. More details on the two models are expected to be announced by the company sometimes next year.

Source: Inside Line