BMW i3 and i8 to get wireless charging image

The German based automaker BMW is planning to offer wireless charging for the i3 and i8 in the future.

Wireless charging technology has taken by surprise gadgets enthusiasts and now it’s getting ready to be offered in the automotive industry too as BMW is currently working on the development of such a system. The current models which will be benefiting from this technology include the i3 and the i8, along with the upcoming plug-in X5, which will be introduced later on this year.

The wireless charging technology is being co-developed alongside Daimler and it’s made out of two components, the floor-mounted base plate, which will be fitted with another coil, and the recharging coil in the floor of the car. The driver will have to position the vehicle so that the two coils will be directly above one another and the energy will be transmitted through the magnetic field generated.

The efficiency of the system will stand at 90 percent and a full charge will take less than 3 hours, which is significantly less than the 7 to 8 hours currently needed when using a power outlet. The system will be used regardless of the weather conditions. A smartphone app will allow owners to check on the battery charge and see how much it needs until the battery will be charged completely.

Source: Autocar