BMW i3 by IND Distribution image

The guys from IND Distribution have taken a standard BMW i3 and gave it a more aggressive look.

When speaking about car tuning, what comes to people’s minds are expensive and exotic rides mostly, with powerful engines under their hoods that usually become even more powerful. But when speaking about “green” vehicles, the last thing that we can think of is trying to modify them and this is mostly because these have nothing in common with the regular “street racers” and also because you may end up with something kitschy.

The vehicle pictured below is a BMW i3 which has been worked upon by IND Distribution. The company has taken this standard “green” car and gave it a lower stance by modifying the suspension system. The overall darker tone is what is helping this model to stand out, along with some subtle change made to its exterior design, and the HRE 303 M wheels contribute to its new look.

In case you have been hoping for some performance tweaks, you will be disappointed because the guys from IND Distribution have kept things simple and to a visual level. This particular BMW i3 has the same 170 HP (125 kW) and 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) of torque electric motor, connected to the single-speed transmission powering the rear wheels, along with the two-cylinder 650cc petrol burner, with its 34 HP (25 kW), acting as a range extender. Juice is coming from the 22 kWh lithium-ion battery and the total range of the car, with the range extender, can go up to 240 km (150 miles).

  • johnbl

    EXCELLENT!! Why couldn’t those so-called engineers at BMW come up with a design like this ..maybe they’d have had more than 400 cars sold in April..