BMW i8 crowned 2012 North American Concept Vehicle of the Year image

BMW’s i8 Concept Spyder has received the 2012 Concept Car of the Year Award in North America.

The jury, formed of 24 automotive journalists, judged a total of 34 vehicles, each introduced to the continent during this season’s L.A., Detroit, Chicago, Toronto and New York auto shows.

According to the organisers, the Concept Car category recognizes those vehicles whose primary intent is passenger carrying. The award is traditionally received by vehicles that are most likely to shape the future of the automobile industry.

“With lines that remind me of icy water in a mountain stream, the BMW i8 takes open top driving into a new realm of environmental responsibility, with the mission of the ultimate driving machine firmly embedded,” said juror Bill Schaffer.

Chris Poole, another juror, added: „It’s an impressive blend of supercar style and speed with future-oriented mpg and emissions performance”. The North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards analyzes design, style, materials, technology, market viability and market responsiveness, while also concentrating the focus on the market that the jurors know best.