BMW i8 might get the coolest key you’ve ever seen image

The BMW i8 is probably one of the coolest cars that were unveiled this year.

It looks totally different, but not only the car…its key too. Yes, Porsche has a cool key, Aston Martin comes with a key made from glass, but this thing has a CPU inside!

According to the Bimmerfile, the i8’s key will include a high-resolution display and will be able to show important information like charge levels, time on a charge, when it was fully charged and if it is locked or not and distance the car can travel before another recharge is needed.

Question is what type battery this ‘thing’ has, and how you can recharge it. By usb, wirelessly when you’re in the car? No one knows yet.
Thankfully it still has some buttons, so even if you remain out of battery you can still unlock the car and start the engine.

Another question is … what’s going to happen if you lose this sci-fi thing? How much this key fob costs? But I suppose that, when you’re paying more than $150,000 for an i8, losing a key fob (even like this one) is a not a big problem.

The BMW i8 has the coolest key you've ever seen.

i8 during 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show – Live Images