BMW i8S plug-in hybrid planned image

A new range-topping version of the BMW i8 is believed to come in a couple of years, in the shape of the i8S plug-in hybrid.

If you are looking into a high performance hybrid vehicle and you can’t afford the LaFerrari, the P1 or the 918 Spyder, than the BMW i8 is always a good alternative, considering the fact that it is the second addition to the “i” range and that it has some interesting figures. The model in question is getting ready to celebrate the BMW 100 anniversary and according to a recent report, it will be gaining a new range topping version.

The vehicle, which has been codenamed the M100, will be based on the i8 and it will get carbon fiber upper structure, an aluminum chassis, overhauled suspension, beefier brakes, wider tires and no rear seats in order to make room for the trunk. The so-called BMW i8S will come with a 2.0 liter twin turbo four-cylinder unit, rated at 320 HP (239 kW), or even with the 3.0L straight-six, with 480 HP (358 kW). From 0 to 100 km/h, the model is believed to accelerate in 3.5s, making it 0.9s quicker than the current i8.

Source: Car Magazine