While it hasn’t introduced any series production models with fuel cell – like Toyota, Hyundai or Honda – BMW has been actively researching the technology for years.

BMW Designworks – a well-known subsidiary of the Bavarian Group, has partnered with Shell to show us the hydrogen fuel pump stations might look better than we imagined. The two companies have decided to jointly create a fueling station that looks good, but above all increases the positive feeling of the overall refueling experience. With an innovate and holistic research and design process called “Fixstern,” or “Fixed Star,” the team delivers a futuristic design for the fueling stations – the work has been called the Oasis concept. The regular H- and L-shaped fuel dispensers have been discarded in the Oasis in favor of an I-shaped pillar, becoming the focal point.

BMW imagines the hydrogen station of tomorrow 2

The inspiration comes from nature, with all mechanical parts made invisible, while a light guidance system and an information screen increase usability, along with the streamlined nozzle – and there’s also a “highly intuitive” new pick-up and mounting system. “Customers are at the heart of what we do,” said Oliver Bishop, Hydrogen General Manager at Shell. “We are pleased to have collaborated with Designworks in the development of a new hydrogen dispenser that will allow us to provide customers an improved hydrogen experience. It will not only make refueling seamless, it will also help make hydrogen fuel an even more attractive option in the future.”


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