BMW increases i3 output by 43% image

The world’s largest premium automaker is ready to bring its first model of the “i” sub brand to the US and in preparation decided to increase the model’s production to 100 units per day.

According to BMW spokespersons, the model’s cadence was previously at around 70 cars each day and so far the i3 has reached a production tally of 5,000 vehicles, while orders received for the car call for BMW to make at least 11,000 vehicles.

“The United States will be the biggest market for the i3. Because of this, we have started raising production levels and are currently at around 100 cars a day,” said board member Harald Krueger.

While the i3 already went on sale since November in Europe, the company started orders for the US market just this month, just a little while ahead of the planned launch. The car will have a US price of $41,350 and the company wants to reach at least 10,000 units sold for the whole year.

Next up on the electric roster is the plug-in hybrid i8 sports car, which should begin reaching markets in June. As both the i3 and the i8 have a unique for the industry mass-produced carbon fiber chassis, which should cut weight and improve fuel efficiency, the German automaker and its SGL Carbon SE partner announced in February they were aiming to boost production at their jointly run carbon fiber producing plant.

Via Automotive News Europe