BMW introduced Stitcher Smart Radio application image

The German based automaker has recently announced that the Stitcher Smart Radio application has been introduced for several BMW and MINI models.

According to the car manufacturer, all models within the MINI lineup, that have the MINI Connected, can now benefit from this fully-integrated Stitcher Smart Radio application which is available for the iPhone and owners of these vehicles can make their own radio station experience with adding episodes from talk, entertainment or live radio programs.

“Our app concept allows our customers to download the same services to their car that they use on their smartphone – simply by downloading the free app”, said the product manager of Entertainment at the BMW Group AppCenter, Dimitri Meulaping Feyou. “More people than ever are listening on the go. Over a third of our users are listening in the car. We’re proud to partner with BMW and MINI to deliver the best listening experience for drivers everywhere”, added the CEO of Stitcher, Noah Shanok.

BMW says that a Smart Staion feature is also “present” and this can discover new content and recommend other programs that the listener may like, based on his previous selection. This application is available free of charge on the App Store and can be used all over the world.