BMW Invests $5 Million In MyCityWay image

Premium automaker BMW has announced that has invested $5 million in India to develop a mobile phone application called MyCityWay, which helps people find everything from a place to eat to the closest park to relax in.

The free application is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. With MyCityWay, drivers and smartphone users alike can look up the current traffic patterns on traffic cams to find the best route to get to their desired location; determine the best parking spot in advance of their journey; uncover local city-specific utility information; or find the hottest shopping spots in town.

MyCityWay users can also create profiles and interact with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook and other social media properties.

Combining a range of rich applications with vital urban information, MyCityWay is designed to help you navigate and explore the world’s cities, like never before the automaker said.

The creators of MyCityWay are Puneet Mehta from Chandigarh, Archana Patchirajan from Chennai and Sonpreet Bhatia from New Delhi.

“This is a huge boost and vote of confidence,” Mehta told PTI.??”This brand (BMW) stands for a lot of things,” he added.

The trio came into prominence when their original travel application called NYCWay was voted by New Yorkers as their favorite in a city-wide competition launched by NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, last year.