Starting this autumn, more precisely in November, BMW will offer the M3 and M4 to new buyers without a piece made out of the lightweight and durable carbon fiber.

The German automaker has decided to replace the carbon fiber driveshaft on the models with a new high-performance (and presumably higher weight) steel replacement – and believe it or not, this is because it needs to think in advance about fulfilling future emission thresholds. There’s German logic involved – just wait for it: BMW says that in the future the models will be equipped with a petrol particulate filter to meet future statutory emissions requirements across major worldwide markets. And engineers have found out the filter will take up some of the space used right now by the carbon fiber drive shaft. The solution – install a smaller steel shaft.

The odd thing is the filter is not there yet – the automaker is only making way for it. BMW adds the actual filter will come “at a later point in time.” Of course, BMW maintains their new driveshaft will meet and exceed standards in order for “the superlative performance and handling qualities of the BMW M3/M4 high performance cars remain unaffected.” The M4 CS and GTS owners need to fear not, because they will retain the CFRP drive shaft.



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