BMW is now trying to keep up with Mercedes-Benz image

While Mercedes has been looking for years to surpass the cool and smart BMW, it looks like it has finally managed to do so, with the latter not only trying to catch up and but having planned a “strategy day” in Munich.

The two German giants are now battling in the ultra luxury sedan segment in the U.S. and China automakers, in the self-driving electric vehicles department and that is not the end of it. BMW’s strategy day that took place last week did not give out too much information and the key elements seemed rather similar to its competitior, Mercedes, who has been lately holding the advantage card.

BMW’s new CEO, Harald Krueger, showed his plans for the next ten years at the anchor of the German brand, the new strategy for the automaker since 2007 and maybe the most critical one yet. Krueger talked about the risks of cyber security and also announced the new BMW I model that would be produced in the following ten years and which would have zero emissions mobility, autonomous driving and connected cars.

Krueger’s speech was not met with enthusiasm, but rather with criticism, as Metzler Bank, an analyst for Juergen Pieper told Kruger that there is a really big gap between the i8 model launched in 2014 and the subbrand due to be produced in 2021 or 2022. The lack of originality was also pinpointed as the BMW news did not seem out of the box with Mercedes having already implemented a big part of them.

For a short comparison, BMW said it would add a new model to its luxury segment, but meanwhile Mercedes has already produced the S class Maybach model. And to the BMW expansion of its M line-up, Mercedes is already selling its AMG models by 10% more through its race cars and other high-performance units. What is your next move, BMW?