The German based automaker BMW is said to have exaggerated its sales figures in July in the United States in an effort to stay close to its main rival there, Mercedes-Benz.

There is no official word on this subject just yet from the car manufacturer but the news has already been included in newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and let’s not even mention the online automotive media and this rumor has started as BMW has attempted to stay close to its biggest rival in the United States, Mercedes-Benz, so we can understand why the company has felt threatened, and we, and when we say “we”, we mean all the automotive media and customers of BMW, expect an apology from the carmaker.

Rumors are saying that BMW has promised large discounts to its dealers, as close to 7,000 USD, if they were willing to report that the cars in their lineup have been sold and, because of this action, many BMW models available in the United States have been declared sold but actually they were waiting for a new owner at the local dealer. In July 2012, BMW said that it had sold 21,296 units of its vehicles, compared to Mercedes-Benz which has sold “just” 19,311 units in the same month.

Source: RpmGo


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