BMW Joins Five Major Automakers in Massive Airbag Recall image

BMW said it will recall 42, 000 3-Series vehicles, 2002-2003 model year, due to an airbag issue which made five other automakers to recall 3.4 million cars.

Although BMW received no complain related to the improper deployment of the airbags in its vehicles, the automaker joined the other automakers in this recall as they used common parts for the airbags manufactured more than 10 years ago in Washington State. Last month the six automakers announced they will recall 3.4 million vehicles, from which more than 1 million in the US, because airbags provided by a certain supplier could catch fire or send metal pieces harming passengers in the front seats.

BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, GM and Mazda are the ones recalling the vehicles due to faulty airbags produced by Takata. Toyota will recall 1.7 million 2011-2003 model year vehicles (510,000 in the US), including the Lexus SC 430, Tundra, Sequoia, Corolla Matrix and Toyota Corolla. GM will recall 48,000 2003 Pontiac Vibe vehicles in the US and 7,000 units in Canada. Honda recalled 561,000 units of the 2001-2003 Civic, 2002 Honda Odyssey and 2002-2003 CR-V. Nissan recalled 480,000 units (265,000 in the US) of the 2001-2003 Maxima, QX4, Infiniti FX crossover and Pathfinder Sentra.

The recall started when Toyota was informed about a fire in an instrument panel in a crash back in October 2011 which involved a faulty inflator in an airbag. Last year the company received three reports related to fractured inflator parts and although the automaker believes that only 170,000 vehicles will need repairs, all 510,000 units have to be recalled.

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been in communication with Takata and the affected automakers regarding the recalls. The agency will continue to monitor the situation closely and will take appropriate action as warranted,” the agency said.

Source: The Detroit News