BMW kicks off production of the 3 Series Edition with nod to E21 image

Orange is the new vintage at BMW it seems, or at least that’s what’s going on with this retrolicious 3 Series, just starting manufacturing – and paying tribute to the fan-loved E21 generation.

BMW presented the 3 Series Edition back in May but now as the model starts coming to life on the production line they decided to get back to it and also put it in front of its source of inspiration. We’re dealing with the first-generation 3 Series (E21), the first in the class to use six-cylinder engines – back in 1977 the 320 had a mere 122 hp (90 kW) and was then joined in the lineup by the feisty at the time 323 with 143 hp (105 kW) under the hood. The first 3 Series was originally released with an Inca Orange paint before getting a Phoenix Orange hue, which is why the F30 Sedan gets treated to the striking Sunset Orange. You can get it as a sedan, as the Touring and in Edition Sport Line Shadow, Edition Luxury Line Purity, and the Edition M Sport Shadow.

BMW kicks off production of the 3 Series Edition with nod to E21 5

The exterior and interior all have their own features, but inside all of them feature contrast stitching on the dash and get an updated instrument cluster with more perks – and among others all three have standard LED headlights and fog lights. The retro-flavored 3 Series can be had with all engines, starting from the frugal 116-hp diesel inside the 316d to the 326-hp straight-six from inside the 340i.