BMW has unveiled today its Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) system that will be available when customers order the BMW Professional navigation system and Bluetooth telephone set-up with telematics.

The new telematics system will offer accurate details on traffic situations in real time, and according to the company is the most advanced system of its kind.

With previous systems, drivers have had to rely on radio-based traffic information channels for information on any jams, accidents or other disruptions. BMW’s new RTTI combine TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) with the congested road network for a better accurate.

The traffic information is displayed on the Navigation map, utilizing a color-coding system to indicate how traffic is flowing. The information is automatically updated every 3 minutes allowing the driver to actively monitor whether the traffic situation is improving or worsening.

Furthermore, when the destination guidance is active the system also monitors traffic flow away from the predetermined route to calculate which route is the most time efficient and can actually recommend for or against alternatives.
This information provides the driver with the knowledge and option of accepting the traffic jam ahead if the alternative routes offer no time saving benefits. It also ensures that if the system diverts the driver from congested roads they are not directed into heavier traffic.

BMW’s RTTI covers all major road networks and motorways in the UK as well as pan-European networks for journeys abroad.



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