BMW launches tree planting initiative with China Green Foundation image

Germany-based auto maker BMW has launched a Green Tree Program in Beijing in conjunction with with China Green Foundation.

A joint initiative of BMW China and BMW Brilliance Automotive, the program aims to increase the environmental awareness of BMW and Mini brand car owners. As part of the initiative, BMW will set up an example by planting trees in an area of 1,200 mu in Banan District in Chongqing in west China. Meanwhile, the company will call on all its consumers to join in the initiative and work with it to create a BMW green base of about 10,000 mu over the next three to five years to improve the local ecological environment.

Dr. Christoph Stark, president and CEO of BMW Greater China, said that the new initiative fully reflects the core content of the BMW brand and it will, along with the BMW Efficiency Dynamic, help BMW to fulfill its commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

Under the voluntary principle of this initiative, BMW and Mini brand car owners will donate money to China Green Foundation and the foundation will plant trees in their names. To encourage more consumers to participate, BMW will match the consumer’s donations, tree for tree.
In 2009 received its fifth consecutive accreditation on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the most sustainable auto maker.