BMW lets you summon your car by using the smartwatch image

The Consumer Electronics Show early next month has become a growing venue for automakers looking to wonder with their latest technological advancements.

And BMW has decided to tap into the new and less explored world of wearable devices – where the rising smartwatch segment lies – with the maker’s new Remote Valet Parking Assistant concept. The idea behind it is simple: instead of calling the valet to hand your ticket you can tap the screen of your smartwatch and just see how the world is amazed because the shiny new i3 has autonomously driven to the front door of your restaurant. Using laser scanners and other technologies, the vehicle allows the driver to go about his business, and then start searching for a parking spot on its own. When the owner wants to live, the concept vehicle needs just a simple command to come back to the same drop-off spot.

This is just one example of the numerous new technologies that would be on display – among them the new 360-degree collision avoidance system – which uses numerous scanners to save you from all sorts of collisions. BMW, with a self-described “long track record of experience in vehicle automation,” also plans to reveal some of its latest autonomous features at the 2015 CES to be held in Las Vegas.