BMW lifts brand image in South Korea with 55 million euro investment image

A 77 billion won (55 million euro) facility, the first of its kind in the world, just 10 minutes shy of the country’s Incheon airport and 54km west of Seoul should provide a huge boost to the German brand’s appeal.

The complex is designed to combine the usual brand experience center (like Munich’s BMW Welt- the most visited attraction in Bavaria) with numerous types of test tracks, as it covers 240,000 square meters, the equivalent of 33 football (soccer) fields and aims to allow customers to experience the pure BMW brand allure.According to Ian Robertson, the brand’s sales and marketing chief, the new multipurpose Korean complex is a part of the company’s new retail strategy, so we could see more of them springing around the world in the near future.

The center allows owners and potential buyers to search for BMW’s “sheer driving pleasure” on a 2.6km-long acceleration and braking course or a winding handling track, while SUV aficionados are not forgotten, able to test the xDrive all-wheel-drive system on a 30-minute off-road circuit.

According to BMW, the company aims to attract at least 200,000 people each year since 2016 at the facility, allowing existing or potential customers, as well as BMW’s eight Korean exclusive dealers to pay for various services – from the simplest test-drive to top-notch driving courses.

Via Automotive News Europe