BMW wants to innovate not only in the area of technology with its i sub-brand, but also in the area of selling cars.

The brand’s UK boss says the automaker is considering using a mobile sales force for the i sub-brand once sales begin in 2013 with the i3. In an interview with Car Dealer, Tim Abbott, managing director of BMW UK, talked about using the internet more to sell cars and having a more flexible and mobile sales force to respond to customer needs such as delivering cars to their homes.

“I can see us having a mobile sales force for the i brand. We’d utilise the internet more too. That could even stretch to selling cars online, with the back up of our existing dealers, of course. eBay manages it, so why can’t manufacturers sell cars online too?” Tim Abbott said.

Abbott also sees other means of growing sales, such as more flexible leasing mechanisms for customers that would allow them to swap cars in a short period of time. “Allowing customers to use an electric car during the week to get to work and, say, a diesel 5-Series at the weekend to get away to the country would be popular,”, Abbott said.

BMW will start sales of the i3 electric compact car in 2013, with the i8 performance hybrid to follow in 2014.


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