BMW continues to beat its competition with strong sales worldwide. And now the Munich based automaker has unveiled its bestselling sedan: the new 3 Series, a car that it’s not only the best-selling line in the compact luxury segment, but also it’s the best-selling car in the Bavarian maker’s product portfolio.

According to Ludwig Willisch, Luxury-car sales should grow faster than overall U.S. auto sales in 2012.

“New products from all the competitors…will drive the market,” Ludwig Willisch said in an interview Wednesday.

“We have a window to stay No. 1 in the first quarter,” says Ludwig Willisch, who just took over BMW’s North American operations in an interview with Bloomberg News. “Our model lineup is broad. We have a lot of opportunities to get there.”

BMW forecasts U.S. light vehicle sales of about 12 million cars and trucks, he said. Moreover, September 2011 was a very good month for BMW. The company ended in the lead with 177,679 sales, while Mercedes Benz could only manage to get the second place with 170,058.

The difference is not big, but the automaker has introduced the new 3 Series, a car that will come with 8 speed automatic transmission, technology that automatically shuts off the engine to save fuel at stop lights and new engines. That’s not much maybe, but in these days everybody looks to improve efficiency, and BMW is one of these brands.

Moreover, BMW will introduce for the first time a full hybrid version of the 3-Series.

The car is the foundation of the company’s global sales, and especially so in the U.S. where it accounts for nearly half of all BMW brand sales.

The company has sold about 2.8 million 3-Series cars since the outgoing version premièred in March 2005, bringing the overall total sales of the model to over 12 million since the very first 3-Series hit markets in 1975.

“We are confident that the new BMW 3 Series will build on the tremendous success of its predecessors,” proclaimed BMW Chairman Norbert Reithofer during a premiere in Munich where he described the line as “the world’s most successful premium vehicle.”

The outgoing model rang up 60,000 sales in the U.S. alone through the end of September, while the C Class has generated only 39,000 sales.


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