BMW M1 Sedan is not going to happen, except virtually image

For the first time ever BMW introduced a few days ago the new which for now looks to remain a completely exclusive Chinese affair. But that can’t stop digital artists from dreaming, right?

The model has been derived starting from the UKL architecture, meaning it’s using front wheel drive, as the platform has been used for the new bevy of Mini models and the 2 Series family of minivans at BMW. From what we know so far – China production, China distribution – we’re pretty unsure if it would ever get the high-performance version all fans crave for. The facts are against it as well – while China is the world’s largest auto market it’s still just one market, and the FWD layout is not really inviting BMW to try its M prowess. But let’s imagine all hurdles have been overcome and maybe John Cooper Works lent its front-wheel drive expertise to the RWD BMW experts for this 1 Series M Sedan.

It’s a hottish compact sedan, with the familiar digital artist taking the usual M cues in consideration. It looks like a shrunk down M5, but we can still attribute a bit of karma and flair to the design. We’re pretty sure nothing more than an M135i could come out in terms of high-performance models, but even that’s unlikely as BMW doesn’t like to cannibalize on its own models, for example the M235i. And in China there’s an increasingly present focus on hybrids and electrics, so we’re thinking a more powerful 1 Series Sedan would actually go down that route.

Via X-Tomi