BMW M2 Coupe gets rendered image

The very first rendering with the all-new BMW M2 Coupe has recently hit the web and the image posted above might just offer us a first glimpse into the final production version of the model.

The German based automaker BMW has trademarked the M2 name, along with the 2-Series, the M7 or the M10, amongst others, in mid-2012, and now the model is question is even closer to its future customers, getting ready to carry on the legacy left by the pocket rocket, the 1M Coupe. One of the first renderings with the BMW M2 Coupe has been posted on the Bimmer Post and it’s showing the model with its perfect lines, which might be adopted to the final production version.

The brand new BMW M2 Coupe will follow the same path as its larger brothers, the M4 Coupe and the M6 Coupe, and the model will also get a convertible version, along with a Gran Coupe variant, with the same “M” badges found on its body and into the cabin. Unfortunately we don’t have any more details on the BMW M2 Coupe and we don’t even know what engine the model will use but we will keep you updated on the subject once more is known.

Image Source: Bimmer Post