It’s been almost one year exactly since talk of the BMW M2 trademark last circulated–likely as a result of refreshing the intent to use the mark–and that has inspired a new round of speculation on what it might mean.

However, this time we have something official. BMW has filed to trademark both the ‘BMW M2′ and ‘M2′ names in Germany and through the US patent office, according to a recent Bimmerpost forum thread.

BMW is said to be considering launching a 2-series line comprising of the 2-series coupe (F22), the 2-series convertible (F23) and M-variants of these cars. These are essentially the next generation 1-series coupe and convertible, but renamed as the 2-series, Bimmerpost said.

While similar to the current coupe, some new design trends are indicated by the more masculine lines and bigger better proportions. The convertible model will continue offering the lighter soft-top roof and clean design lines without compromising looks and performance.

The decision to bring a M2 model was helped by the exceptional response to the new 1er M Coupe. According to BMW, the new model will “push the envelope” for small performance cars.

A rumored BMW M2 is said to be part of BMW’s plans, but a market launch won’t take place before 2014.

But the most impressive model will of course be the Z2 which it is expected to be revealed in la



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