BMW M3 by G-Power unveiled image

G-Power is offering a new tuning program for the BMW M3 which has been dubbed the Sport Drive TU.

The BMW M3 is close to be replaced by the new generation of the model but that doesn’t mean that it can be ignored and left aside so in order to place it into the spotlights once again, the guys at G-Power have released an updated tuning program for it. According to the tuning company, the tuning program has been dubbed the Sport Drive TU and it’s adding a larger air filter and a modified air intake, which is allowing the SK I supercharger system to produce 520 HP (382 kW).

There is also a mid-level SK II package which is adding an ASA T1-523 supercharger, replacing the T1, and the total output produced in this version stands at 580 HP (427 kW). Last but not least, the top of the line SK II CS is coming with all the above mentioned tweaks and with an additional fuel pump and a revised ECU. This is allowing the 4.0 liter V8 to produce a total output of 610 HP (449 kW). A stainless steel sports exhaust system, a coil-over suspension and 20-inch alloy wheels, wrapped in Michelin tires, were also added. The package for the SK I can be bought from 11,500 euros.