A BMW M3 from the second generation has been recently spotted on the road in a weird shape: pickup.

We have all seen that April Fool’s Day prank that BMW has pulled on us last year with the modified E92 M3, which looked like a pickup, but this one is for real and the model has been recently spotted on the streets. Rumors are saying that it’s for sale too but who would want to own this ugly vehicle with this baby puke interior color? You can watch the full photo gallery with the BMW M3 Pickup below.

AS a quick reminder, the second generation of the BMW M3 has made its debut back in February 1992 and it arrived in showrooms in November, the same year. The impressive BMW M3, which shared the “air” with the E36 3-Series, was powered by a six-cylinder engine, displacing 2,990 cc and generating 282 horsepower. This M3 was the first one to get a six-cylinder engine and it was only available as a Coupe, but the convertible and sedan versions were introduced in 1994. The model was assembled in Germany, South Africa and Mexico, but the majority of it was produced at the Regensburg factory. The second M3 was named as being one of the best handling cars of the 1990s.

Photo source: autoblog.nl


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