BMW M3 E46 by Prior Design unveiled image

The German aftermarket specialists at Prior Design have recently pulled the wraps off their latest creation, a new upgrade package for the not so new BMW M3 E46.

The BMW M3 E46, which was produced between 2001 and 2006 as a successor to the M3 E36, was eventually replaced by the M3 E90 and now the new generation of the M3, the F80, is getting ready to hit the market next year. But even so, an M3 is still an M3, no matter how old it is and, even after all these years, I bet that the model in the images posted below will turn some heads on the street.

Prior Design says that the company has brought a fresh touch to the BMW M3 E46 in question with a new styling kit made out of lightweight high-quality Dura Flex reinforced plastic. The M3 E46 has improved aerodynamics and the tuning company says that the new styling kit fits both the sedan and the coupe models. The upgrade is made out of a new front bumper, redesigned side skirts and a new rear bumper and prices for these features have been set at 960 euros. The Dura Flex material out of which these parts have been made is flexible, stable and easily paintable.