BMW M3 GTS gets green light! image

THE BMW M3 GTS PRODUCED BY BMW M GMBH WILL BE THE FASTEST M3 EVER MADE! WE HAVE OFFICIAL performance numbers and specifications straight from BMW.

The supreme sporting potential of the BMW M3 GTS comes from its High-revving V8 engine technology and the 7-speed M Dual Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic that will put out 331 kW/450 bhp at 8, 300 rpm.
Featuring a transmission and suspension configuration which has been optimized for the racetrack, the BMW M3 GTS accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 4.4 seconds. The car reaches the 1000 meter mark from a standstill in just 22.5 seconds. Top speed is 305 km/h.


“The BMW M3 is an icon and internationally synonymous with the highest level of dynamics,” explains Dr. Kay Segler, CEO of the BMW M GmbH. “Our aim was to develop a model variant that would prove its outstanding potential both on the road and at club sport racing events. The BMW M3 GTS is pure M feeling, embodying the brand values in a highly concentrated form.”

A rear-seat deletion and uninstalling the automatic climate control and sound system are part of the weight-loss strategy. Additional measures include polycarbonate windows, dumping noise-deadening material, and fitting a lightened sports exhaust system with titanium silencers. The results: 1,530 kg including roll bar and M Dual Clutch Drivelogic transmission.
In Germany, BMW will lauch the M3 GTS in July 2010 at an price set to 136,850 euros.