BMW M3 Hurricane 337 Edition by G-Power unveiled image

G-Power has recently pulled the wraps off a new upgraded BMW M3, which is based on the previous generation of the model.

The aftermarket specialists at G-Power have officially unveiled a new upgrade package for the popular two-door BMW M3, in its previous generation, which has been currently replaced by the M4 Coupe. The model in question has installed the SK II CS kit which can make the powerful vehicle reach a top speed of 337.6 km/h (209.77 mph), achieved at the Nardo test track, in southern Italy. If this isn’t enough to make you want this upgrade kit, than it means that we haven’t finished the “story”.

Other upgrades added to this impressive ride include the racing catalytic converters on the full titanium exhaust system, which have shed 26 kg (57 lbs) off its weight. The BMW M3 Hurricane 337 Edition by G-Power is now producing an impressive 615 HP (452 kW), at 8,100 rpm, and it has a peak torque of 595 Nm, available at 5,900 rpm. The tuner says that the powerful BMW M3 in question can accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) in just 12.2 seconds. Only 30 supercharger kits will be offered by the tuner.