BMW M3 RS by G-Power gets detailed image

The aftermarket specialists at G-Power have released more details on their upgrade package for the BMW M3.

After previewing an upgraded BMW M3 E92 at the end of 2012, G-Power is putting its new creation into the spotlights once again, this time by announcing more details on it. According to the tuning company, all custom body parts are made from carbon fiber and they have been produced in order to lower the model’s curb weight. Besides being lighter, the BMW M3 E92 in question is also getting an increased aerodynamic downforce, mainly thanks to the new front spoiler, to the custom rear wing, to the M3 GTS rear wing, to the boot lid an more.

Besides these upgrades, the BMW M3 E92 has also been fitted with an SK III Sporty Drive supercharger kit by G-Power, which is helping the total output of the model reach 720 HP (529 kW), which is a significant increase compared to the standard 420 HP produced by the model. Additional details on the BMW M3 E92 signed by G-Power are limited for the moment and will probably be announced over the following months, along with their price lists.