BMW M3 with 520HP by ATT-TEC revealed image

The aftermarket specialists at ATT-TEC have revealed their latest creation, an upgrade package for the BMW M3 Cabriolet, the E93.

According to ATT-TEC, the BMW M3 Cabrio E93 is now coming with a matte black finish for almost all of the exterior panels, which is accentuated by the carbon fiber wrap on the rear diffuser, mirrors and hood. The vinyl wrap job has been priced at 2,600 euros. But no exterior design is complete these days without some massive rims, 20-inch in size this time, wrapped in 245/30 tires in the front and 295/20 at the rear. A KW Inox Line III Variant coilover suspension system is also available, for 1,929 euros, and the installation, which includes the wheel alignment, costs 559 euros.

The BMW M3 E93 drop-top is getting a power boost too, thanks to the G-Power’s supercharger kit, which doesn’t come cheap at 11,430 euros, plus 1,310 euros installation. The extra 12k will provide its future customers with 100 horsepower more, to a total of 520 horsepower, squeezed out of the standard engine. The sports exhaust system, 2 x 90 mm diameter tips can be ordered for 1,455 euros, plus 140 euros installation fee, and the total price of the upgrade kit from ATT-TEC is going to cost you 26,573 euros.