BMW M4 Cabrio spied in the open image

Although the summer is close to its end, we can’t help watching out for the next cabrio out there, especially if it’s of the BMW M nature. The Germans are close to revealing the production version of the M4 coupe, but our spy photographers are hot on the heels of the cabrio version.

The new M4 Cabrio was caught wearing quite a lot of disguise on the body, but fortunately they neglected a key department for any convertible – the roof. From the pictures we can clearly see that it’s going to be a three-piece design, of the hard top nature, of course.

Judging from the M4 Coupe Concept that will debut during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show next month, the design can be easily put on the M4 Cabrio’s bodywork – the Concept is very close to the real model, just showing off a bit before the actual standard model’s reveal.

We already know you know these little details, but let us remind you that the most educated guesses put under the hood of the M4 cabrio or coupe a new in-line six-cylinder turbo engine with two or even three turbos – good for a 450 hp output. We really hope BMW doesn’t decide to go for the V6 trend and instead opt for the good ol’ fashion straight six.